Did You Know

Tobacco companies have successfully baited youth into vaping. Since 2019 disposable e-cigarettes
increased for high schoolers by 1000%. Middle
schoolers saw a 400% increase. In 2020 approximately 3.6 million youth reported being
current e-cigarette/vape users. Sadly, many of
these users will go on to be lifetime smokers/
vapers addicted to nicotine.

Just a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down was a brilliant life hack for parents and healthcare professionals. The tobacco industry also picked up on this trick by using sweet, savory flavors to cover up the dangers of smoking and vaping.

Attracting Addiction  Goals Are To:

  • Educate on the predatory practices of the tobacco industry.
  • Increase awareness of the dangers of smoking and vaping flavored tobacco products.
  • Prevent youth and adults from becoming tobacco users.
  • Support the quitting of all flavored tobacco products .

Vape Products

Electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or vaping products as they are more commonly known, are
nicotine-delivery devices that sometimes look like
cigarettes in shape, size, and general appearance.

They usually include a battery component, a vaporizer or atomizer, and a cartridge with a mouthpiece.

When the smoker puffs on the mouthpiece of the cartridge, the battery causes the tip of the e-cigarette to glow, and the heat created by the battery turns the liquid nicotine into a vapor, or aerosol, of liquid, flavorings, and nicotine.

The aerosol can be breathed in and out by the user creating a cloud that looks like cigarette smoke. Using an e-cigarette is commonly referred to as vaping.

E-cigarettes usually have refillable containers of nicotine and flavorings often called juice. Juice cartridges are available in varying amounts of nicotine, from no nicotine at all to upwards of 24 mg. Some of the flavors available include coffee, tobacco, apple, strawberry, banana, and bubble gum.


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